Why I love Chairing CEA

My favorite time of the year is coming up, I can hardly contain my excitement—the CEA Annual Convention! I’ve had the privilege of serving as chair of CEA for four straight years. I, along with a team of incredible volunteers and the staff at AACS, spend a full year developing and planning an annual convention for beauty and wellness educators.

I’m especially excited about this year because we’ve included an entire track of educational sessions for marketing and admissions professionals.

If you’ve never been to CEA it’s almost impossible to describe in a simple blog post. At its core CEA is three days chock-full of education, networking, catching up with old friends, making new ones and getting the inspirational boost to last you a full year.

From the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep (which, let’s face is, is way too late each night), you are dedicated to your own personal growth as an educator. Attending these conventions as an attendee has formed some of my most valued friendships and business partnerships. Now that I’m chair, I’m dedicated to giving every attendee that same experience.

Here are my TOP reasons why I love chairing CEA:

  • The people. The attendees are electric. We all know that educators are some of the most selfless, fun individuals. Now imagine a room full of 300+ of them. The laughs are contagious, the hugs are around every corner and the deep relationships that are formed are invaluable.
  • The Expo Hall. The top manufacturers and distributors in the industry are represented at CEA and they have giveaways, live demos and meetings with attendees to showcase the newest and best products they have to offer. I always bring an empty suitcase just to fill it up with all the goods the vendors are so generous at giving away.
  • The venue. The AACS office, year after year, chooses the best locations for these conventions. This year’s event will be at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas—so from shopping to the action on the strip, you’re in the middle of it all.
  • The food. I go to my share of conventions and most make you pay extra for food or don’t even offer it. CEA offers a full breakfast and lunch every day, with snacks and desserts at various times. The opening reception also includes free drinks!
  • The education. As a chair, I know the hard work that goes into finding relevant classes for our attendees. The committee spends months going through applications and finding amazing speakers from around the country to teach sessions. Whether you’re looking for technical training or methodology, CEA has it. There isn’t another convention in the nation that offers this much education for beauty and wellness teachers.

I can’t wait to see you in Vegas in a few weeks! Click here to register.