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I love that I can use this information in any area of my life immediately and it will positively impact my students. – Kimber Warren, 2014 workshop attendee

See what everybody’s talking about! Carol’s engaging, lively presentations are sure to leave you wanting more. Past attendees have given rave reviews and educators nationwide are developing into phenomenal instructors from implementing Carol’s memorable techniques. From her personal stories to immediate takeaways, you’re sure to walk away feeling empowered and ready to tackle any problem. Join alliances with other educators and attend one of her upcoming presentations!

Carol’s next upcoming workshops will be the following theme:

Binge Teaching

You’re a pro at binge-watching a Netflix series and can sit through a marathon of your favorite TV show, but how good are you at teaching to a generation who can play Pokemon Go, tweet their every step and Snapchat what they had for breakfast? This 12-hour class will give you the armor for engaging the selfie and hashtag generation. Discover ways to flip your classroom into a learning-based environment and start embracing the technologies your students are craving. You’ll learn how Emotional Intelligence can mold your lesson plans and you’ll bring excitement back into the classroom.

This hands-on class will teach you how to create phenomenal Power Point presentations and we’ll look at several apps that can be engaging for your students. Bring your iPad, phone or laptop for hands-on activities and tutorials. This class is perfect for you if you’re:

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