Carol Woodard

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Public Speaking Engagements

Carol has had the pleasure of participating in the following events as a public speaker and educator:

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Amazing class! Carol did an outstanding job making the class fun and getting all the information out. – Erin Loucks Carol did an awesome job on all levels. I’m ready to go back and put things to work for me. – Lorrie Lockwood I love that I can use this information in any area of my life immediately and it will positively impact my students. – Kimber Warren

BeautyLink Magazine

BeautyLink is published by Naylor and is distributed to the membership of the American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS) and the Career Educators Alliance (CEA). Here is a sampling of Carol’s published work in a variety of issues of this magazine. BeautyLink was even featured on the TODAY show in 2013.

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With distribution of nearly half of a million subscribers, it was an honor for Carol to participate in an article in January 2014 entitled, “7 Items Every Woman Should Get Rid Of (But Doesn’t).”

CEA Annual Convention

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Carol serves a role in planning annual events, leading a committee of more than 20 people and teaching workshops. The CEA Annual Convention is the biggest cosmetology educators convention in the nation and Carol is instrumental in the development of the schedule, marketing the event and taking on an on-site managerial role. She shines on stage where she introduces corporate event sponsors and inspires attendees with her personal stories and motivational wisdom. Carol was co-chair of the event in 2013 and below you’ll get a glimpse into seeing how successful she was in leading her committee. She’s currently taking on the 2014 event as sole chair.

Better than years before.– Leanne Velona, CEA 2013 attendee The classes were “amped up” this year!– Steven Dawson, CEA 2013 attendee Overall it was the best CEA I’ve been to thus far! – Lisa Puckett, CEA 2013 attendee