Carol Woodard

people love Carol

Carol Woodard personifies positive energy, enthusiasm and leadership. I’ve been privileged to work with Carol in her role as CEA Chair and have collaborated with her on many editorial projects. While many coaches, instructors and leaders can project enthusiasm, Carol really “walks the talk.” Whether it’s something as large as addressing a national convention or as small as providing a local newspaper reporter with a beauty tip, Carol brings positive energy to every task. Her energizing spirit is complemented by acute attention to detail and flawless follow-up. She is able to apply technical concepts and communicate abstract ideas in a manner that makes content easy to understand and applicable for diverse audiences. I consider it a privilege to work with Carol Woodard.

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Susan Miller Founder, Ewing Miller Communications Anderson, IN

I met Carol several years ago during an AACS conference. I enjoyed her eagerness to learn as she was sharing with others in her company at the same time. We shared several experiences between both, her schools and ours. From that time, we continued to grow a friendship and business relationship. We have worked on several conference committees together. No matter what she is involved in, she puts forth an abundance of energy to go over and above the task. Carol continues to be a joy to work beside as she continues to find the good in all no matter what is thrown her way.

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Alan Anderson Vice President, Academy of Salon & Spa and Mellie’s Inc. Ft. Smith, AR

Passionate, energetic and hardworking. When I think of Carol, several qualities come to mind that she exudes, but these three sum her up perfectly. I’ve known for Carol for a few years, and as soon as you meet her—you feel as though you’ve been best friends with her for years. She has a great story to tell and always wants to know yours. As an educator and leader, Carol is passionate about the beauty and education industry. She doesn’t just go through the motions—she actually cares. She brings a southern spark and energy that is unmatched in many public speakers and makes you feel as though you’re the only person in the room she’s talking to. Carol’s work ethic is hard to beat and always seems to be going at a speed faster than everyone else around her. She makes me strive to be a better person. It’s always a pleasure working with Carol!

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Jenn Lyles Marketing/Communications, AACS Nashville, TN

Carol and I met at an AACS Spring Conference and her energy was infectious right out of the gate. From that first meeting we attended many AACS and CEA events and ended up chairing CEA last year (2013). I always have enjoyed Carol’s unflappable enthusiasm. No matter how many moving parts started to go awry, Carol always had a positive attitude and looked for best in everyone she dealt with. She is a champion of the people and doesn’t quit until the work is done! I have nothing but the highest recommendations for Carol and always wish the best for her in any endeavor!

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Dan Cavanagh President, Delmar College of Hair and Esthetics Calgary, Alberta | Canada

My relationship with Carol Woodard, CEA chairwoman, has benefited my company and myself beyond expectation. Carol is a visionary within our industry—motivated and full of endless energy and passion. On a personal level, I view Carol as a true friend and valued associate. Carol is uplifting and has great insight and ideas. She provides invaluable business knowledge and brings her tremendous amount of experience in the hair industry to the table, which helps to raise the bar for cosmetology school directors and instructors at any level. After seeing Carol speak at a recent conference, people were gathering as soon as she finished and discussing implementing her ideas immediately. The crowd was abuzz after her presentation. Thanks for being such a great mentor and leader—you are appreciated by our industry.

Paul Digrigoli's picture
Paul DiGrigoli National spokesperson | Author | Owner of DiGrigoli Salon and School of Cosmetology West Springfield, MA

Carol Woodard is such an inspiration to me. She has a way of connecting her life stories to any subject she is teaching that completely draws you in. She is like something fantastic that you cant look away from. Meeting Carol truly did change my life. I knew I was a great hair designer, SHE knew I could be a great educator as well. I am actually honored that she refers to me as her “carbon copy.”

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Melissa Karlen Lead Instructor, Ogle Schools Dallas Dallas, TX